Author Spotlight ~ Jennifer Domenico

I participated in an online party nearly two years ago where I was lucky to win two books from a series called ‘The Sunflower Trilogy’. I devoured both of them in next to no time. I contacted the author, Jennifer Domenico, afterwards to let her know how much I loved the books and also how I had fallen head over heels for Enzo, the sexy Italian hero.

Ever since, we have formed a wonderful friendship and I have been most honoured to be able to Beta read a few of her books, including her soon to be new release, ‘Londyn Falls’. This is a beautiful love story between a sexy, strong but broken Harvard University Professor, Luca, and his bookish but sweet new teaching assistant, Londyn. This is one of my favourite reads from this year. I just love the cover and it fits the story perfectly!



Blurb for ‘Londyn Falls’

He makes me want to ease his sorrow. To know what broke his heart. To help him heal. When heโ€™s near, my breath catches, my heart races, my body sings. His very presence ignites my soul with desire.

All I want is to love him.

I just wish he knew it. ~ Londyn Harper
She makes me want to open my heart. Ask her to love me. Tell her my secrets. She makes me want to try again. When sheโ€™s near, my heart begins to heal, my body yearns to touch her, the darkness disappears.

All I want is to love her.

I just need to tell her. ~ Luca Di Roma
Londyn thinks she could never get a man like him. Luca fears if she learns his secret, she will run. Does he have what it takes to love her? Could she love him back?


Add ‘Londyn Falls‘ to your Goodreads TBR.


Jennifer was lovely to answer some question for me about her writing (and her response to question #7 is GOLD!! And the answer is YES!!)


#1 What or who inspired you to start writing?

Crazily enough, FSOG inspired me to write. I wrote when I was younger but then let it go. I stopped reading for fun back in my 20’s. I had a friend that would not shut up about the Fifty books and I was bored after returning from a 3 week vacation so I downloaded the sample. Needless to say, 6.5 days later I was done reading all three. I went to sleep on that last day, had a dream, and when I woke up I started writing Enzo and Ava’s story. It was the strangest thing, but I’m happy it happened.

#2 Can you describe how you felt when you published your first book? Did you have doubts or regrets?

Scared sh*tless! I couldn’t believe I pressed that published button and I had a book out in the real word. I panicked daily for two weeks after that and friends had to talk me out of pulling it all the time. I don’t know why, but it was a scary feeling. Maybe because my whole soul was bared to the world. I always say it’s like taking off your clothes in public and then asking people what they think! So yeah, tons of doubt. Regret? Not really. Only that I didn’t know anything about the whole Indie world at that point. It took 2 books before I knew what a blog tour was.

#3 A you a planner or a pantser?

Definitely a pantser.

#4 You have 4 different series. Do you have a favourite? Why that particular series?

I only have one series ๐Ÿ™‚ Unless Londyn Falls turns into two books for Maddie and Devon.

(Blogger note: I had forgotten to change this question when I sent it…BUT I would LOVE a book about Devon and Maddie ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

#5 Do you have any particular rituals that you do before/during/after writing a book?

Not really. I listen to music while I write. It’s important inspiration for me.

#6 Is there anything you do in particular if you get stuck writing a scene?

Yes, move onto another one. I don’t always write in order. For example, I wrote the scene where Londyn and Luca first kiss right after I wrote the first chapter because it was calling to me. I couldn’t do anything else until I got that scene out. Of course, it changed slightly, once I got to it, but not much, remarkably. Basically, I just move on to the scene that wants to be written and come back to the other parts later.

#7 If you could team up with any other author and write a book with them, who would it be and what type of story would you like to write with them?

Ooh, that’s a good question. Sylvain Reynard comes to mind. We could write some epic story about a love affair in Italy. Or perhaps I would pick Emma Fitzgerald and we could come up with some fun rom com set in Australia. I could visit and call it a research trip!

#8 What are you reading now? What genres and authors do you typically read?

Not reading, although last weekend I re-read Up in Flight by R.K. Lilley because I just heart Mr. Beautiful. There is something about him that gets me going. I read the genre I write, romance and erotica typically, but I like to read a lot of nonfiction travel essays too. Anything about Italy!

#9 What are you currently working on?

A new series about five friends that holiday in Italy for the summer, each looking for some adventure.

#10 What one piece of advice would you like to have known when you first published?

What the bloody hell a blog tour is. Okay not really. What I really wish I knew back then is the importance of building relationships with others in this industry. Not only readers, but authors, bloggers, and everyone. I got a late start, but better late than never!


Five quick questions!

#1 Who, out of your male heroes, would you like to 1) Get frisky with? & 2) Marry?

Scott Patrick to get frisky with – the garden! And a tie to marry Enzo or Luca. Believe it or not, I lean towards Luca. I’m kind of in love with him.

#2 What is your favourite snack food to munch on while writing?


#3 Your favourite activity to do when you aren’t writing?

Can I say that on here? *wink*

#4 Name one place you would like to visit but have not as yet?

Australia! England, too.

#5 Tell us one quirky thing about you that few people would know?

I have a million quirks. I guess an easy one is that if there is something in my food I don’t like, I will meticulously eat around it. For example, I eat oatmeal raisin cookies slow enough to avoid eating the raisin. It annoys people who know me and amuses people to watch me.


About the Author

One day, many months ago, Jennifer Domenico went to sleep and a beautiful love story played out in her dreams.

When she awoke, she felt compelled to write it down. So she did- for days and days she wrote. The result was her first novel, Turn Towards the Sun and a writing career was born.

Ms. Domenico lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with her very Italian husband, a dog that adores her, two cats that tolerate her, and a wicked sweet tooth.


You can find Jennifer’s books at all amazing online retailers including Amazon.

Jennifer can be contacted via her Facebook page or her website.